Apr 3 10

Fashion & Guns!

by Zvezda

Hey there!
I’m back. It’s been awhile.

Life’s been rather intense recently; didn’t have much time to catch up with writing.  This time I had to do it; the occasion was just right.  Last Sunday I went to Sacramento to watch my son, a Sniper-Ranger in the US Army, compete in the finals at The National Sharp Shooting Competition.

img_1797 img_1792

I couldn’t be prouder of him.  I was happy to see him using his gift for sharp shooting with a controlled passion and responsibility.  The two years of war in Iraq taught him among many other things, great patience and perseverance.  His composure was aspiring; his smile, beautiful.  What a man he has become!

I arrived there, dressed by ZVEZDA, in what I believed to be an appropriate attire. Judging by everyone’s looks; apparently it was not.  I wore an Atos Lombardini white denim pants with a Fay military jacket; a casual look completed with Ray Ban sun glasses and Henry Beguelin high heels… Perfect, no?

I stuck out in the fields like an exotic bird among the camouflaged competitors and their ladies.  I thought, you did it again Zvezda, you overdressed.  Bravo!


The awkwardness didn’t last long though.  After they saw me marching on my very high heels fiercely across the gravel, and not for once loosing my balance, they decided that those were skills to respect and applaud after all.

Anyone can learn to shoot.  But try walking up and down on high heels all day!

The men started coming to me to shake my hand as Emil’s mother and the women, asking me for fashion and style tips.  At the end, all the ladies made a vow that, from this moment on, they will be dressing up for the occasion not letting the macho environment suppress a womanly desire to always look her best.

I was happy that in a small way, I might have changed a few things around in the world of sharp shooting.


Jun 30 09

Just got back from Bulgaria and Italy.

by Zvezda

Hey There!

I just got back from Bulgaria and Italy. Had a great time but then, I always have a great time when I travel.

In Bulgaria, other than to take care of family matters and my father, I was on a look out for hand embroidered and hand woven antique blouses. This time I had no success in finding pieces that were good enough to become part of the ZVEZDA’s collection. My contact ladies and collectors didn’t want to part with the pieces I liked. They all said that what I wanted was very hard to find these days in Bulgaria for I wanted the best and the best was disappearing. Hopefully, they will have some pieces for me by my next trip there in fall. So I just brought back pictures from my beautiful country.

Bulgarian roses in an old house in ancient city of Sosopol on the Black sea.

To save some money, for the airplane tickets in Europe are crazy these days, I drove from Bulgaria to Italy; 1100 miles one way.  On the way there I stopped in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Here, by the city cathedral; dress, hand bag and scarf, all from the ZVEZDA’s collection.

Once in Italy, I went first to Milan where I had numerous meetings with fashion designers. Again, I was to get in trouble and buy everything. After I exercised some restrain, I limited myself to buying the really beautiful and easy to wear pieces by Atos Lombardini. What I liked about their collection was the 60’s and 80’s look with a new, modern twist and the silk jerseys that they used. Classy, sexy, stylish and so Italian! Think of summer in Sardinia and Jacky O in Capri.

To complete “THE LOOK,” I accessorized the collection with great sandals and belts shown below, which I found in Florence.

One of my designers from Milan put me in touch with great shoe designers there. Florence, being the center of the leather industry of Italy, has a lot to offer when it comes to beautiful leather pieces. And they will be soon starting to compete with Ancona on the shoe market as well. Being in Florence, I had to make my pilgrimage to the Duomo; it’s a way too exquisite not to see again.

From Florence I went to Ravenna to meet with some fabulous hand bag designers.

Their Jute clutches with crystal stones and stones covered with black chiffon blue me away. The pleated silk and hand woven leather clutches are extraordinary.

Here, dress, sandals and hand bag, all from our new Italian collection. The hand bag is hand woven and is simply magnificent and perfect for summer.

When I got back in LA I found the previously ordered Sari dresses in white cotton jersey already in from India. We’ll include those in our forthcoming 10th of July “ITALIAN SUMMER IN LA” event.

We’ll show our ATOS LOOMBARDINI collection with the amazing hand bags and shoes. And in appreciation of your support, ZVEZDA will have the pleasure to offer you these fabulous collections at prices much better then any SALE around.

In addition to the fantastic prices of our New Arrivals, on 5th of July we will start a PRESALE of Rajeshpratap Singh, Janavi and Susana Monaco pieces,  jewelry from Jaipur and scarves.   You will be able to save up to 55% in addition to the already reduced prices. Bottom line, lots of work ahead of us but all very exciting!

Be well and hope to see you soon at our next event on July 10th 2009!


May 13 09

Kid’s Play International Spa Retreat at the Castle Ivar in Hollywood!

by Zvezda


ZVEZDA’s beautiful Z Scarves added lots of color to this fun Mother’s Day celebration that took place May 9th at the Castle Ivar.

Celebrity Moms couldn’t get enough of the beautiful scarves and dresses that Zvezda brought from ZVEZDA, The New Store in Santa Monica. Everyone was raving about the Sari Dress, just arrived from New Delhi, which was accented beautifully with The Z Scarves in different prints and fabrics.




Niecy Nash, Maureen McCormick and Jennia Fredrique selected similar prints in different colors, while Aly Landry went for a pinstripe scarf. Brittany Flickinger from “My New Best Friend” reality show chose a linen scarf in a desert brown shade. Zvezda was thrilled to see these beautiful women looking amazing wearing ZVEZDA’s scarves.


The Z Scarves comes in 20 different colors, prints and fabrics and is exclusively made in Kashmir, India for ZVEZDA. From the hand woven and hand embroidered Black Label pashminas to the variety of linen, silk and wool pieces, they all have one thing in common; exquisitely beautiful and fun to wear they make the perfect accessory for any season and occasion!

Other happy ZVEZDA clients are Cojo, “The Fashion Guru” and Karina Smirnoff from “Dancing with the Stars” who says, “ZVEZDA has some of the best clothing I’ve ever seen!”


Karina Smirnoff (left) wearing a vintage blouse and antique brooch from ZVEZDA’s collection and Claudia Jordan (right) wearing The Sari dress.

To view the collection, please log into www.zvezdathestore.com or visit ZVEZDA in Santa Monica!