Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with The Stars Hosts “DREAMS OF INDIA.”

by Zvezda on May 7th, 2009

I’m tired, but excited about our “Dreams of India” event last night at ZVEZDA.

The sleepless nights spent on the phone with India making sure that all collections arrive on time paid off. It was down to the wire, but just the day before Thursday we got everything. That we had to open numbers of packages in a hurry, iron every single piece, we are perfectionists at ZVEZDA, you know, price, merchandise the hundreds of pieces just in one day! So what; we did it! Thank you, Ida, Larisa, Guy, Tesa and Lily.

“Dreams of India” event was inspired by my experiences in that amazing country and specifically by my last trip there in March for the Fashion week in New Delhi. The endless, exquisite pieces that I kept seeing everywhere I went to; from the designer collections to the beautiful modern and vintage jewelry, and antique tribal pieces made me order and shop like crazy. I wanted to bring back home to LA everything that this magical country had to offer and to share it with you. These days, I hate to look at my credit card bills and bank statements! Oh beloved India; you’ll get me in trouble!

However; our hard work to put together this event paid off. I will not measure its success by the amount of the attendees which we got a fantastic turn out, but by the energy of the evening as a whole.

We had beautiful people who enjoyed themselves and who showed an appreciation for our store and all ZVEZDA collections. And we couldn’t be luckier than having Karina Smirnoff from Dancing with The Stars as our hostess. That she is beautiful and sexy it’s clear to everyone; but let me tell you, “she’s even more stunning in person.” Karina is gracious and kind…and that’s the most important of all to me. Thank you Karina! We love you.

I also want to thank Joe Exclusive for introducing us, he’s such a dear! Joe Exclusive Fashion Stylist to the stars considered the vintage silk top and the antique brooch from the ZVEZDA collection that she was wearing last night.

We were pleased to see that Karina wore the same outfit for the LA Confidential Magazine Party, click here to view photos. After we talked for a while, we discovered lot of things in common; dancing for instance. By the way; she’s in process of opening some time soon a dance center in the Century City Shopping Mall and I’ll be one of the first to sign up for classes. One couldn’t dream for a better dance instructor and I’m so excited; dancing is one of my greatest passions!

I was very happy to also meet and have my picture taken with Claudia Jordan.

WOW… What a woman!

My excitement of meeting her only grew bigger when she selected the signature “Sari” dress from our new collection, an ivory piece by Khanna&Ghandi. I was really happy that Claudia chose to wear it at the session finale of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Claudia, please send us pictures and make us proud!

It was great to see that this fashionable crowd, both men and women, liked not only the store with its unique concept but particularly appreciated our clothing collection and the new arrivals straight from the Fashion week of New Delhi. The best sellers of the evening, certainly our jewelry from Jaipur, the “Sari” dresses by Khanna&Ghandi, the PratapSingh’s amazing cotton voile blouses and tunics, and our spectacular scarves.

To see people shopping with such an enthusiasm was extremely encouraging especially with this economy. I guess that our more than reasonable prices helped as well.

Once again the experience of the last night event proved that we, at ZVEZDA, are moving in the right direction. Bringing beautiful and original collections from around the world and sharing them at reasonable prices is the way to go!

I’ll be hitting the road soon; end of May, I’ll be leaving for Italy and Bulgaria. On our next event some time in June/July, we’ll be showing ZVEZDA’s fashion collection from fantastic and not so well known in LA Italian designers. In Bulgaria I’ll be looking again for the exquisite and hard to find these days, hand embroidered blouses.

Thanks for coming to our “Dreams of India” event and helping to making it a success!


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