Greetings from Costa Rica

by Zvezda on January 12th, 2012

Hi there,

I hope that all of you had a great start in the New Year! My best wishes for an amazing 2012!

Many of you contacted me asking for an update on my whereabouts and more.  Here is my story, in pictures…

“Once upon a time there was a property in Arenal by the lake”… in my case, what inspired me to close my store and sell my house, and move to Costa Rica. I had dreams and big plans to develop the property and make it an exciting stop on the main road La Fortuna-Tilaran.

Well, God had other plans for me. While closing escrow of my Beverly Hills house, which took much longer than expected and needed, the property was sold to someone else, to an American couple. The owner wanted out; he couldn’t wait for me any longer. Our timing was off.

Heart broken but yet believing that there was a reason for which Costa Rica was on my mind, I still went there. I rented a house, a beautiful one. It was a house that many people have looked up previously but no one has decided on taking it. It was isolated and built in a National Park area, all jungle and waterfalls, and that’s what I liked about it…Una casa encantada!

Excited, I moved in with both of my dogs and the couple that I hired, Claudia and Adonis, two very nice young people from Nicaragua.  Since the house was newly build, the problems started as soon as we moved in: major water leaks and flooding coming from unexpected places, cracks due to structural problems, odors, bugs, etc. For three weeks I fought it on all fronts. I shared the house with teams of construction workers, I slept on inflatable bed, I eat out of plastic plates and showered with cold water. Despite the hard work we got nowhere. The house was beyond fixing, it needed a very serious structural work and repair. I decided to move out.

God was watching over me those days. Two days into the market search I found another amazing house, this one located in an exclusive neighborhood, Escazu, a prime area in San Jose. A large home, exquisitely designed and build, with amazing views and spaces, exotic hard wood floors and cabinetry throughout the entire house. Removed from the city traffic and noise, the house is close to the best services available in the country which makes life quite easy.

The “Casa Blanca” inspired me. While furnishing it, I added my personal touch but always stayed true to its spirit. Amazingly, my own pieces fit right in beautifully and the ones that I added completed the elegant and eclectic look that I’m so fond of.

Just when I settled in and started making plans for the future, my father got terribly sick and I had to leave for Bulgaria to help with his care. I spent 45 days there and got back just in time for the Holidays.

From the little time that I’ve spent so far living here, I must tell you, I really like being in Costa Rica. It’s a gorgeous country with amazing landscapes and plenty of places to explore and enjoy. I’m planning to travel the country extensively. In addition to the popular and well known tourist spots, I’d love to add my own discoveries.

Costa Rica is a small but very dynamic country. Following the American dream ambitiously, the country is pushing for changes and development on all levels. What slows them down in my opinion is the heavy bureaucratic system. Working with banks, insurance companies and customs is a nightmare. Somehow everybody has adjusted to the fact and learned to work around it.

People are kind and helpful, and… relaxed.  I know that my ways strike them as too strong. But I get things done, faster than many other foreigners, I was told. Of course speaking Spanish gives me a big advantage. And I don’t think that I could ever become the “manana” person…

San Jose is chaotic and somewhat uninteresting. I’m planning to explore the town more as I understand that the best art galleries, Salsa clubs and restaurants with character are in down town San Jose.

Fashion is something that Costa Rica still has to catch up with. Fashion shopping, forget it! Instead, there are so many other beautiful things one can find in Costa Rica. I keep getting across some lovely art objects, jewelry, textile, organic beauty products. But then, that’s me. I can be in the desert and still find things to buy.

I think that this will give you an idea of Zvezda, in Costa Rica.

If someone wants to get in touch with me, please email to

Take care and hasta luego!


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