Jewelry from the Beach!

by Zvezda on April 15th, 2010

Hi there,

I can’t help it. Even when I’m at the beach, I shop.  I went to Cabo, Mexico,
with the idea to rest and relax; to swim and to do lots of sun damage to my skin.

I was resting at the cabana after a swim when I saw Carlos, a man in white,
walking up and down the beach, and carrying some jewelry.

I called him to get closer to take a look of his pieces.  Few minutes later I
was deep into creating necklaces a bracelets that he was to make right

I didn’t change much; wanted to keep the originality of his and his wife’s
ingénue designs.  All hand made from sea shells, coconut beads and bamboo,
beautifully put together color wise. I had Carlos add some new colors and
convert necklaces into bracelets.

The day after I was proudly wearing the Cabo jewelry by Carlos; got lots of
compliments that made Carlos good sales.

I purchased quite a few for the store, already on display with our new
Summer arrivals.

The Carlos pieces looked great on the beach and they look even more
beautiful when put together with our clothes. Come and see!

There is always time for some good shopping! I did better this time; just
got some jewelry at the beach. Few years ago while traveling deep into the
dessert of Morocco, a completely desolate place, I returned with two camels
fully loaded with my shopping purchases.

Didn’t I get away this time!


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  1. dilkhan permalink

    i think this is best i ever see a perfect person and really i dont have words…i m really proud to see all and can say you are the best….