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by Zvezda on April 3rd, 2010

Hey there!
I’m back. It’s been awhile.

Life’s been rather intense recently; didn’t have much time to catch up with writing.  This time I had to do it; the occasion was just right.  Last Sunday I went to Sacramento to watch my son, a Sniper-Ranger in the US Army, compete in the finals at The National Sharp Shooting Competition.

img_1797 img_1792

I couldn’t be prouder of him.  I was happy to see him using his gift for sharp shooting with a controlled passion and responsibility.  The two years of war in Iraq taught him among many other things, great patience and perseverance.  His composure was aspiring; his smile, beautiful.  What a man he has become!

I arrived there, dressed by ZVEZDA, in what I believed to be an appropriate attire. Judging by everyone’s looks; apparently it was not.  I wore an Atos Lombardini white denim pants with a Fay military jacket; a casual look completed with Ray Ban sun glasses and Henry Beguelin high heels… Perfect, no?

I stuck out in the fields like an exotic bird among the camouflaged competitors and their ladies.  I thought, you did it again Zvezda, you overdressed.  Bravo!


The awkwardness didn’t last long though.  After they saw me marching on my very high heels fiercely across the gravel, and not for once loosing my balance, they decided that those were skills to respect and applaud after all.

Anyone can learn to shoot.  But try walking up and down on high heels all day!

The men started coming to me to shake my hand as Emil’s mother and the women, asking me for fashion and style tips.  At the end, all the ladies made a vow that, from this moment on, they will be dressing up for the occasion not letting the macho environment suppress a womanly desire to always look her best.

I was happy that in a small way, I might have changed a few things around in the world of sharp shooting.


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  1. Josefine permalink

    I LOVE IT!!
    You have me laughing to the floor! …Always turing heads, you are such a DIVA!